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The Rice Bowl can prove to be your ultimate spot for grabbing a bowl full of mouth-watering rice to entertain yourself. Located at Gulberg III, The Rice Bowl has everything in its bowl to make your dining experience the best one.


  • Economical
  • Low-Calorie Food Items
  • Amazing and Fast Service
  • Cooperative Management
  • Perfect Ambience

Services & Ambience

In a crowded city like Lahore where people love to hang out and enjoy themselves, an eatery with amazing flavors and economical rates is not less than a blessing to be very honest.

The Rice Bowl, following its unique name and style, has a lot to offer you at its place. Moreover, the place is famous for offering some very unique and tasty food items which have not been tried by other restaurants around it.

While discussing the interior I would rather say that this is a cool and simple type of interior. Everything’s fixed properly. Unlike other restaurants, you won’t experience the art work which has been applied mostly on the walls and roof of the restaurant.

The service was really very fast and amazing. We enjoyed hanging up at this place.


So, what’s in the Menu?

Well, it is evident form its name, what this restaurant would be offering to its visitors. They have a lot of rice varieties including the Chinese ones. Even I won’t be wrong in stating that this could be your Chinese spot as well.

The restaurant is best offering Chinese cuisines. You’ll experience the true Chinese flavors along with some desi tarka. 

Furthermore, the place is economical as well. You can grab your entire meal within RS600-700 per person.


It is located at Block D1 Block D 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab.


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