Affan Waheed in drama serial Bhool

The role of Affan Waheed in latest drama serial ‘Bhool’ reminds me of Badar


The newly begin drama serial ‘Bhool’ revolves around the life of a girl who doesn’t want to get married to a person whom she doesn’t like.

‘Bhool’ features Affan Waheed, Saheefa Jabbar and Saboor Aly in pivotal roles. Affan will be seen as Awais while Saheefa will be seen as Aiman. Both love each other. However, things are not as easy as we have thought them to be. Aiman is going to marry someone else on her parents’ request.

She told her mother during her wedding festivities that she doesn’t want to get married and she loved Awais. 

However, her mother doesn’t pay attention to her as she is of strict morals. Aiman is stuck between her choice and her parents’ choice. She called Awais who put two options in front of her. One is being married to the person her parents want her to, and the second to get herself elope with him.

Both conditions are not easy for Aiman. She is an obedient girl who doesn’t want to betray her parents. But what else she could possibly do?

Both Aiman and Awais belonged to the families who are quite opposite each other. Awais belonged to a rich family. His mother is of strict morals as well. She often scolded him and Aiman referring to her as a ‘stupid girl’.

And then tables turned. Aiman decided to leave her parents and her house for good. She succeeded in doing so on the night of her Mehndi. Her parents are worried about her. They don’t know what to tell people.

For the audience’ surprise, Awais’ mother is also planning of her marriage and is busy in his wedding preparations.

On the other hand, Aiman secretly married to Awais. And now both are worrying about the consequences of their actions. As the audience, you’ll only witness Aiman’s crying over her actions and grieving about what she has done to her parents. 

Well, we can’t guess what will happen in the next episode, but this episode clearly portrays the role of Affan Waheed as Badar in ‘Do Bol’.

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