The Rooftop Dhaba

The Rooftop Dhaba in the Defence area will make you forget everything else


Sarrak Kinarey is a recent addition to Lahore’s chai dhabas that will attract your attention because of its ambiance and affordability. Located at ‘2 K، Commercial Area Block K Model Town, Lahore, Punjab 54700’, Sarrak Kinarey is a rooftop dhaba which is adorned with a web of fairy lights and simple wooden benches overlooking a quiet and peaceful market. The Rooftop Dhaba in the Defence
Sarrak Kinarey is not just a chai offering Dhaba, it has a lot more to discuss. Along with the desi Karak chai, the dhaba also offers a variety of delicious and fresh desi street food that you’ll probably love to try. The Rooftop Dhaba in Lahore
You’ll enjoy your food at quite a reasonable price, as the menu is not very expensive. The Rooftop Dhaba prices
The food isn’t just limited to anda shami or some samosa chaats, rather Sarrak Kinarey offers a desi doze of sajji, stuffed parathay and several chicken dishes such as Chicken Karahi, Chicken Achari Karahi or Chicken Makhni Handi, etc. etc. The Rooftop Dhaba desi food
The place is usually full of youngsters as most aunties and uncles feel uncomfortable to climb the stairs up. So, if you are looking for more rooftop places, this might be worth adding to your list.

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