Unconditional Love of an Obese Dog Rescues

The Unconditional Love of an Obese Dog Rescues His Overweight Human’s Life.


During 2010 when Eric who had Type 2 Diabetes, weighed 340 pounds his doctor told him that he doesn’t have long to live, if he doesn’t change his lifestyle completely. He also suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol and his medication costs him about $1,000 per month.

Well every dog-lover knows about men’s best friend’s unconditional love! Finally, on a plane where the flight was delayed because there was not a long enough seat-belt for Eric, another passenger told him that he is going to miss his connection because he was so fat. This was the turning point for Eric.

Eric went to a dog shelter and there he requested a dog that was also obese and middle-aged like himself. There Eric met Peety who would help him to change his life completely.

The two began their journey to better themselves! This is a story of unconditional love, inspiration and dedication!

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