United Kingdom Urges Pakistan to Take Back Illegal Migrants

The United Kingdom Urges Pakistan to Take Back Illegal Migrants: Shah Mehmood Qureshi


The government of the UK wants to send back all those people who have not a valid visa in the UK. These migrants are in thousands but the issue is there should be a proper treaty to send them back.

Issuing Visas To New Applicants:

The foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, insisted to have such a treaty soon because it will help those persons who are applying new visa to the UK. Britain feels hesitation in issuing visas to those persons who have genuine needs and that’s a drawback because of the illegal migrants.

Over 4 Million Illegal Migrants:

In the report, it is mentioned that over 4 million people are living in the UK. Out of these, there are almost 30,000 Pakistanis. Capital punishment is the main reason due to which these people did not want to come back. There is no proper extradition treaty till June 2019 between Pakistan and Uk.

Amendment In PPC:

However, the government of Pakistan is trying to amend in Pakistan Penal Code which will definitely amend Britain’s major concerns.

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