“The West is equally ignorant,” Nauman Ijaz on coronavirus

“The West is equally ignorant,” Nauman Ijaz on coronavirus


Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz has shared his thoughts on how our nation is fighting agasint coronavirus. He also discussed how he once thought that about how civilzed the western world is.

People have been doing stuff that they have never imagined they would do. Coronavirus has badly affectd the lives of the masses across the world.

Nauman Ijaz has shared on his insagram handle about how his perspective regarding the western world has changed.

Before coronavirus pandemic, Nauman Ijaz used to think that only Pakistani people are ignorant and have no senses. However, this pandemic has proved that the western world is no less.

He wrote,

“Coronavirus has unveiled one thing. Earlier i used to think ignorance was only present in Pakistan. But with corona now i understood that even those who speak English are pretty ignorant as well.


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While stating this, Nauman Ijaz is actually referring to how people in the west have reacted to the outbreak. He has criticized those living in the US and UK.

Their reaction to the lockdown clearly showed that they are no less than Pakistanis. He also gives the example of Italy where people were so ignorant that they didnt give weight to this pandemic.

In their initial days the poeple of Italy have taken it for granted and the results are before the world now.

In his concluding notes, Nauman Ijaz pray for the entire humanity to be safe from this deadly virus. He is also hopefull that soon things will be like they used to be and the pandemic will be over.

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