There are no back channel talks with India: FO


Islamabad: During the weekly media briefing, the spokesperson at the Foreign Office stated that Pakistan is recently not involved in any ongoing back channel connection with Indian Authorities.

However, only Islamabad is in contact with the New Delhi owing to its violation of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT). New Delhi has not shared any flood details which were necessary to share according to the agreement between Pakistan and India.

He mentioned that “The Pakistan Commissioner to Indus Waters has conveyed that there was an agreement between Pakistan and India for sharing of flood data, which was signed in 1989. According to this agreement, India is supposed to share data from July 01 till October 10, every year, of flood waters.”

He went on to declare that “This agreement was renewed annually but this year India has refused to do so and henceforth flood data was not conveyed to Pakistan. However, they have shared some data under Article IV (8) of the IWT, which is related to extraordinary discharges and is distinct from the 1989 agreement.”

Mentioning the recent lockdown and curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir, he stated that Pakistan will somehow manage to overcome the situation.

“I would reiterate that active consultations among all stakeholders (in Pakistan) are underway and we will update you soon regarding the decisions taken. I would categorically state that there is no conflict between any stakeholders.”

“India cannot besiege the Kashmiris and impose an indefinite curfew in the Indian occupied valley. This dispute needs to be resolved as per the UN Security Council Resolutions and India must immediately stop its grave violations of human rights. Many countries have offered mediation between Pakistan and India, but there can be no move forward unless India agrees to accept these offers,” he further said.

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