“There are times i’m scared,” Nadia Jamil stated after cancer diagnosis

“There are times i’m scared,” Nadia Jamil stated after cancer diagnosis


Pakistan’s stunning actress Nadia Jamil was recently diagnosed with cancer. Albeit she has gone through a surgery but there are some some fears that are haunting her heart.

Ever since her surgery has happened, she keeps on telling her fans about her recent health conditions and feelings she has gone thorugh.

While sharing an emotional note with her fans, the actress took to her instagram handle and wrote,

“There is so much more to me than being a womn with #cancer. I’m an actor, teacher, mother, child protection worker, and a student. But after one’s #cancerdiagnosis life shifts suddenly into pre cancer and post cancer eras.”

She further stated,

“My lump was a grade three tumour growing fast and it was very near my lymph nodes. During my surgery, the amazing doctors took my sentinel lymph nodes out for a biopsy.”

She went on explaining her feelings of fear, “There are days i cry. And there are times i’m scared.”

She keeps on showing power and bravery while stating all her experince as a cancer fighter. Amongst all this, she is now our cancer fighter as well and thats what she told her fans. She wrote.

“So, here i am ypur Nado Jamil, amongst many other things now also a #cancerfighter.”

While concluding her note, she thanked her fans for their prayers and kind wishes that made her stand before them. She wrote, “Thanking you from all my heart for all the love and laughs you share with me.”

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