“There would be accountability for all” PM Imran Khan took notice of the Kasur Incident 


The rape and death of three minors in Kasur is making the entire social media enraged. People are demanding justice for them. Meanwhile, the people living in Kasur are protesting against the authorities and are raising their voices for the innocents being brutally murdered.

PM Imran Khan has taken serious notice of the Kasur incident. He has assured the nation that there would be “accountability for all”. He took to his Twitter handle and wrote,

“Those who do not perform in the interest of the common man will be taken to task.”

He also announced in another tweet that the District Police Officer, Kasur Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani, and the SHO had been removed.

“DSP and SHO suspended. Major overhaul in Kasur local police on the cards.” His tweet reads.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari has also raised her voice after condemning the incident. She condemned the child abuse and rapes which are going on in the country. She stated,

“We need to educate and teach our children how to protect themselves. I was really shocked to see continuing stories of child abuse surfacing in Kasur”.

Famous cricket player Shahif Afridi also shared his views on the issue. He said that “now is the time to turn Pakistan into ‘Riyasat-e-Madina’”.

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