This is a defining moment for Pakistan, says PTI chairman

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairperson Imran Khan on Thursday cautioned that assuming Pakistan defaults, it should “think twice about its public safety” the following time the public authority approaches unfamiliar moneylenders for help.

Reviewing that the nation’s default risk was a “simple 5pc” when he was in power recently, Imran said the occupant government has “crushed the economy”.

He further said all means being taken by the ongoing government, including carrying changes to the Military Demonstration, are to guarantee that the occupant chiefs can protect their “stole from abundance”.

He further expressed that quite possibly the ongoing pioneers would escape the country “by and by” and they are “doing this for themselves, not the nation or its kin”.

Repeating his call free of charge and fair decisions, Imran kept up with it was the main way forward for the country. “PTI won 70% of the races regardless of the way that the foundation was supporting them,” said the previous chief.

He also claimed that the aim is to “eliminate Imran Khan”.

The PTI executive likewise said this “was a vital crossroads” throughout the entire existence of the nation and “when the country stands up, they are relentless”.

‘PTI will hold biggest huge gathering in Pindi’

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar on Thursday said the party will hold the “biggest ever” political social event in Rawalpindi.

He said the PTI won’t be undermined or will kneel and its chiefs will be “remaining with its allies” and not take cover behind “impenetrable glass”.

Umar likewise asserted that party executive Imran Khan had visited Russia to purchase “modest oil for individuals” and had continued with the visit notwithstanding all admonitions.

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