Three alleged Al-Qaeda terrorists shoot down

Three alleged Al-Qaeda terrorists shoot down in police encounter 


Local news media revealed that three alleged Al-Qaeda terrorists were shot down during a police encounter near the area of Sohrab Goth here on Monday morning.

District Malir SSP Irfan Ali Bahadur revealed that they were given information about the hide out of the terrorists. According to the information, the terrorists were hiding at the SITE Superhighway police jurisdiction.

As soon as the information came, the police officials have arranged teams and a raid was planned in the area of Khuda Bux Goth.

He further explained that out teams started marching towards the location when they encountered fire from the opposite direction. They started counter attacking the enemies. As a result of this retaliation, our police officials have arrested three terrorists in quite critical conditions while their companions escaped the scene.

The sustained severe injuries and were taken to the hospital, however, they all died on the way. They have been identified as

  • Al-Qaeda Sindh chief Talat Mehmood
  • Alias Yousuf
  • Usman Noor Alam

The weaponry which has been discovered from their possession consists of the following items,

  • A 10kg prepared suicide jacket
  • Two submachine guns
  • A pistol
  • Two hand grenades
  • Two remote control circuits
  • A prepared remote controller
  • Two hand grenade detonator assemblies
  • Two detonators
  • Approximately four metres of detonating wire
  • Safety fuses

Further inquiries are under process.

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