Tierra Nuestra Restaurant Gulberg

Tierra Nuestra Restaurant Gulberg

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The very name of the restaurant is really interesting as many don’t know how to pronounce it. Don’t worry here I am to guide you. The pronunciation of this name would go like ‘Ti-yara nu-stra’. This is a Spanish word which means ‘Our Land’.

So, ‘Our Land’ or ‘Tierra Nuestra’ is located at Gulberg III, the most famous spot among the foodies out there.


The restaurant is hailed for offering

  • Classy & Decent Interior
  • Various Menu Options
  • Amazing Ambience
  • Comfy Sitting

Along with a lot of positivity this spot has some drawbacks as well. This is one of the expensive restaurants in Lahore. Moreover, they don’t have a specific flavor or taste to their food. It seemed very average and normal for us. And most importantly they lack drink variety as well.

Interior & Ambience

This eatery is a themed eatery where you’ll witness pebbles, stones, and bricks being beautifully arranged. It is a three floors building. Indeed a grand one.

The first floor has a fine dine in variety and services. They have a very classy interior.

The Second Floor is café. Donned with grey and white colors, the interior seemed really very enchanting and beautiful. By the way, this combination is one of my favorite ones.

The spot is being hailed for offering amazing ambience and services as well. They are offering outdoor sitting as well which is artistically designed to enjoy pleasant weather sceneries.


This restaurant is offering Pan-Asian Cuisines. They have some very tasty and delicious dishes having Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean flavors.

They cover a huge menu variety which starts with starters and ends on drinks. They have a variety of salads.

As I have mentioned above that this restaurant is highly expensive, so you can grab your meal at the cost of Rs1500-1700 per person.


It is located at Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Block A-2 Block A 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab.

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