TikTok App takes the life of a 12 years old child

TikTok App takes the life of a 12 years old child


It’s an open alert for all the TikTok users to not perform stunts and other challenges of this kind in the pursuit of making incredible videos.

The recent case of a 12 years old child has been taken under the spotlight in order to make other users alert. While doing a TikTok challenge, the 12-year old child just hung himself from the noose.

According to the news from the ‘India Today’, the boy belonged to the area of Rajasthan. He accepted the TikTok challenge in which he wore a mangalsutra and bangles and then hung himself from the noose.

In the next morning, he was spotted dead after his parents discovered him from his bathroom ceiling. Apparently, the boy was in the same condition and state as it was described by the TikTok challenge.

high contrast image of a hangman’s noose

This is certainly a point to ponder. A social media app has taken the life of the young boy. It shows that rather than paying an influential impact, these social media apps are ruining the lives of the young generation.

I have witnessed myself, people spending hours and even their whole day at the TikTok making videos. It is a point to ponder for all of us.

However, this wasn’t the only case where using TikTok took the life of the people. A similar case was also seen when a 23 years old boy tried to perform a stunt on his TikTok video. While performing the stunt, has broken his spinal cord. He was taken to the hospital but unfortunately, the boy breathed his last.

A boy named Kumar also lost his life while performing a stunt on TikTok in his school. His video went viral on social media.

We need to stop using these apps. How far our families will be facing the deaths of their young ones? The government should ban these deadly apps as soon as possible as they are of no use.

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