“Tim Cook Unveils Apple’s Yearly iPhone Launch Strategy”

In a recent interview, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook delved into the annual iPhone releases and the company’s ecological endeavors. Cook elucidated the rationale behind launching a new iPhone each year, emphasizing its appeal to individuals seeking the latest technological advancements.

Addressing concerns about the environmental impact of frequent upgrades, Cook underscored Apple’s trade-in program and its unwavering dedication to sustainability. He revealed that traded-in iPhones are either refurbished and resold if operational or meticulously disassembled to reclaim materials for future devices.

When it comes to Apple’s ecological endeavors, Cook expressed a desire for transparency and the aspiration that other entities would take a cue from their practices. He emphasized the company’s resolute commitment to sustainability while acknowledging their unique approach to product secrecy.

Looking forward, Cook hinted at the future of iPhones, suggesting that they will become more eco-friendly and technologically advanced in the coming 20-30 years, although he refrained from disclosing specific details.

In related developments, Apple’s iPhone 15 series is now accessible in Pakistan and various other countries. This new lineup comprises four models, with the iPhone 15 priced at RS. 409,999, the iPhone 15 Plus at RS. 454,999, the iPhone 15 Pro at RS. 599,999, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max at RS. 634,999.

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