Reduce Chemical Exposure

To Reduce Chemical Exposure, Teenage Girls Should Avoid Beauty Products

Logical Analysis

A recent study conducted in the United States revealed that the levels of chemicals which cause hormone disruptions in teenage girls, can be reduced within a few days if they change their cosmetics to more natural beauty products.

A research team from Clinica-de-Salud-de-Valle-de-Salinas and UC Berkeley conducted a study regarding the effect of EDC’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals) on teenagers. Latina adolescents, who had participated in HERMOSA (Health-and-Environmental-Research-on-Makeup-of-Salinas-Adolescents), were observed.

The research team had focused on females for the study due to the fact that women are exposing themselves much more to EDC’s than males. In general women use twelve self-caring beauty products on a daily basis in comparison to the average male, who uses only six.

However, a previous study revealed that adolescent girls were using more of these products compared to adult women. This exposure or use to hormone-disrupting chemicals, is taking place during their years when rapid reproductive development is important.

Products with a low-level of EDC’s:

During this above-mentioned study, one hundred adolescent girls were requested by the research team to participate in a three-day trial. They had to change from the beauty products they were using to more natural products, containing a low-level of chemical elements.

The participants were requested to submit their urine samples taken before and after this trial. This was done to test whether there were changes regarding chemical exposure in the three-day period.

The more natural products were supplied by the research team. These products were labelled to be free from Parabens, Phthalates, Oxybenzone and Triclosan. These chemicals are extensively used in self-caring products like soaps, sunscreens, make-up, fragrances and hair products. All of these chemicals cause hormone disruptions.

When the results were published in the Environmental Health Perspectives-journal it revealed that the levels of chemicals found, had dropped dramatically after just three days.

The following results regarding the decreased levels of the EDC’s were reported:

Propyl (45%) and Methyl (44%) parabens:

These chemicals are regularly used to preserve cosmetics.

Diethyl Phthalate (27%):

This chemical is extensively used in fragrances.

Also find under the label of Oxybenzone and commonly used in sunscreens.

BP-3 (Benzophenone) (36%) 

Used in certain kinds of toothpaste.

Triclosan (36%):

Small changes can create a big difference:

 From the results of their study the research team came to the conclusion that women can take action to remarkably decrease their exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Stop the Growth of Cancer Cells:

This exposure is linked to the growth of cancer cells, obesity and neuron-behavioral problems. They can achieve this to choose products with a low-level of chemicals or just take a break from their beauty products.

Kim Harley, the leading author stated that they now have enough knowledge to be concerned regarding teenager girls’ exposure to such chemicals. To take an approach of pre-caution will be worthwhile especially when people can make easy changes when they buy their products.

The significant test results revealed, led a member of the research team to change her own self-care products to organic products, where possible.

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