Today Imran Khan speech in UN


Imran Khan is the most popular Prime Minister now a day. On Internet After Donald Trump Imran Khan is top of the list in search engine and top trend on Twitter and other social media platforms. Today Imran Khan speech in UN will play an important role for the freedom of Occupied Kashmir. People of all over the world have eyes on today Imran Khan Speech in UN. In His speech he mainly focuses the conflict of Kashmir. Since Imran Khan visited in UN he meets Prime Ministers of other countries and tell them whole story about Kashmir. Prime Minister Imran Khan raised many issues today in his speech in UN about Muslims community all over the world. How people from other countries with different religions see the Muslim community is very important because they all think that All Muslims are belongs to terrorist groups etc. These all people will get their answer’s after today Imran Khan speech in UN.

Main aim of PM Imran Khan speech is to aware all the members of United Nation about Kashmir. India Army send their more army in Kashmir. At this time situation of Kashmir is not well. All the people lives here is not allow to move freely in their areas. Indian Army order the people of Kashmir just sit in their houses and even not raise their voices for Freedom. Basically Prime Minister Imran Khan said before that he will rise the voice of Freedom of Kashmir people himself.

“I have tried my best,” Khan said

“For 50 days, the people of Kashmir have been locked down by 900,000 soldiers,” Khan said, describing mass arrests, non-functioning hospitals and “a total news blackout.”

In their press conference Imran khan also clear the concept of Muslims and Hinduism.

Today Imran Khan Speech in UN will play very important role for the future of Kashmir and Muslim community all over the world.

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