Top 5 Japanese Inventions

Do You Know Top 5 Japanese Inventions?


So here’s a list of the top 5 Japanese inventions that you should know. These are somethings that have been developed by keeping local people of Japan in mind. Some are quiet useful and interesting and some look as dumb as they sound.

Sumo Bots:

These bots are the creation of some childish and creative minds. Japanese are very advanced in technology with all their gizmos and gadgets and they are also very keen about inventing world dominating robots. This can be addition to their cast robot inventory. These tiny robots compete in a championship in which one robot only has to punch the other robot to fall. Now the world might not know about this battle but according to the Japanese it’s a World Robot Battle Championship.

Health Mobile

This mobile gives you your health updates based on your exercise and calories burning per day or per hour. What kind of exercise you do or what kind of work you do is not a problem for this android looking cellphone. It also tells how bad does your breath smell. People above age 40 prefer this phone in Japan because keeping yourself fit in this age is an essential element for long life.

Shoe Mint

We all have those bad moments when at some restaurant you have to take your shoes off and you hesitate because your feet are smelly. Worry no more as Japan has undertaken a lot of time to develop this hardware for your smelly feet. You only have to put a shoe mat in your shoe and it has small sponge under it which will slowly emit a beautiful scent and you will never be disappointed again when you take off your shoes.

Back Guard

This hi tech equipment has been developed specially for old people who often fall on their back because of either slipping or weak knees. Just as your about to hit the ground two balloons inflate one in your lower back and one around your neck. The only problem with this high cost equipment is that you have to wear the whole jacket along with a compressor and small battery and it only inflates on your back.

Recognition Goggles

These are one of a kind goggles that can recognize whatever you look at. It has an inbuilt recognition system and it can identify things whether a mobile, magazine, newspaper etc. The goggles glass in front of your eyes is actually a small screen that can identify stuff for you and tell you in text what the object ahead of you is. Short term memory loss patients are actually a target market for this Japanese product.


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