Toyota Builds the First-Ever Self-Driving GR Supra, Employing AI for Teaching the Car to Execute Drifting Maneuvers.

Toyota and Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab have teamed up to create something amazing: the world’s first self-drifting GR Supra. It’s not just about showing off fancy tech; it’s about making our roads safer by combining the skills of professional racers with artificial intelligence.

They’re asking a big question: What if every driver could react like a pro racer and think ahead like a supercomputer? This project explores how racing skills and automated driving can work together to make driving safer.

The self-drifting GR Supra isn’t just a tech demo; it’s like a testing ground for creating advanced safety tech. Toyota hopes that what they learn from this project can be used throughout the car industry. Gill Pratt, the CEO of Toyota Research Institute, says they want to use the expertise of skilled drivers to make computer programs that make driving safer.

Taking inspiration from pro drifters, the self-drifting Supra uses machine learning and human-inspired algorithms. Engineers from Toyota Racing Development and Stanford University are working together to make super-smart safety tech that can handle extreme driving situations.

Why is this important? Well, every year, there are nearly 40,000 car-related deaths in the United States and 1.25 million worldwide. The self-drifting Supra aims to give cars the ability to handle emergencies better than regular drivers.

Tests at the Thunderhill Raceway have shown how well the self-drifting Supra can perform, giving us a peek into a safer future for driving. Toyota plans to use the clever programs they develop in real safety systems, creating a safety net for drivers during emergencies.

While the project is still in the testing phase, Toyota’s commitment to using technology for safer and more enjoyable driving experiences is a big step toward a new era of car safety. The self-drifting Supra shows how human intuition and AI can work together, getting us closer to a future with fewer accidents and better driving skills.

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