Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning


These days more and more companies are offering online courses to ease the methods for learners from any age group but still many people stay away from this due to different misconceptions. Both traditional and online learning have their pros and cons which we will discuss below and will try to find out that which method is more helpful for the learners.

Traditional Learning:

Traditional learning is best suitable for kids who need continuous assistance. Regular classes give them a sense of discipline and knowledge related to the norms of society. In traditional learning, there is continuous two-way communication which resolves learner’s queries on the spot. In traditional learning, a student creates a better relationship with teachers and other classmates. Interactions with good teachers help motivate students to achieve higher marks. In result of regular interaction with teachers, students can easily get rid of fears related to exams, which is not possible in online learning sessions.

Online Learning:

In online learning, people can choose among many courses, while staying at home and study as conveniently whenever they like. Online learning is most suitable for those who are exhausted from work and can’t take regular classes. People take professional level courses usually to increase their qualifications and enhance their career opportunities in their jobs. Online learning is most popular among people studying in higher education degree programs. The biggest disadvantage of online learning is that in this method there is only one-way communication and a learner can’t ask anything related to the topic unless these courses offer live query resolution like online forums, emails, and chat rooms. Interacting with the live trainer also allows two-way communication which is more helpful. No books or reading material is required in online learning.

Thus online learning may be more suitable for grownups who are continuing their education while they’re working in their regular jobs. Traditional learning is more suitable for children and teenagers who need continuous assistance while growing.

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