Trump PM Imran great athlete

Trump lauds PM Imran as ‘great athlete, and very popular Prime Minister of Pakistan’


Prime Minister of Pakistan

Karachi: the recent meeting of Pm Imran Khan with US President Donald Trump serves great importance in the entire history of the US and Pakistan.

Several matters regarding the bilateral ties between the two countries were also discussed during the meeting. Trump hailed PM Imran’s leadership a number of times during their meeting.

People living in Pakistan are actually feeling the honor of so much respect only because of Imran Khan. Owing to his excellent leadership qualities, today Pakistan has become able to restore his image as a good and prosperous land.

It is pertinent to note that, Donald Trump has lauded Imran Khan as a ‘great athlete, very popular Prime Minister of Pakistan’ during their meeting at the white house.

Here’s a complete media talk between Donald Trump and Pm Imran Khan,

While talking to the media in the Oval Office, Donald Trump mentioned that “It’s my honor to have the very popular and great athlete, the Prime Minister of Pakistan at White House.”

Earlier, the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump also expressed her gratitude and pleasure to meet Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. She took to her twitter handle and posted three pictures of her with PM Imran Khan. The caption reads as, “Great to have Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan at the White House today.”

The prime minister was also given an honor of a traditional round of the White House along with the president.

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