Trump on reducing tensions between Pakistan and India

Trump on reducing tensions between Pakistan and India: White House


Washington: During Pakistan Premiere Imran Khan’s official visit to the US, the US President Donald Trump offered mediation over the Kashmir dispute which is going on since years. Perhaps this is the apt time to take necessary steps in order to reduce tensions between the two regions.

Donald Trump has telephoned the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. He urged the Indian Premiere to reduce tensions between Pakistan and India.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said in a statement that “The president conveyed the importance of reducing tensions between India and Pakistan and maintaining peace in the region.”

The sources also revealed that Trump has also talked to Pakistan´s Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the same issue.

While attending a televised press conference in Islamabad, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi mentioned that,

“Prime Minister Khan expressed serious concern over a humanitarian crisis triggered in Kashmir and hoped the US would play its role in resolving the crisis.”

“Khan asked President Trump to talk to Indian Prime Minister Modi about ways to lower tensions between the two countries,” Qureshi further added.

He also mentioned that “We want a UN observer mission to be dispatched forthwith to Indian-administered Kashmir and for the curfew there to be lifted immediately.”

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