Try this Macaroni Salad to improve your cooking skills during Quarantine

Try this Macaroni Salad to improve your cooking skills during Quarantine


People across the country are busy exploring their skills and talents. Some are busy in drawing or painting, some are engaged in different kind of home activities while many are planning their future tasks.

Among them, there are also certain women who wanted to improve their cooking skills. And to help them out, we are here with a perfect recipe for them.

Below is the recipe for a delicious Macaroni Salad that is loved by almost everyone. So, here are the ingredients.


Macaroni                                             400 Grams

Water                                                   as required

Salt                                                        as required

Cabbage                                               1

Orange Pimento                                  1

Red Pimento                                        1

Carrots                                                  1

Capsicum                                              1

Black Pepper Powder                       To Taste

Olive Oil                                              1 Tbsp

White Pepper                                    1 tsp

Lemon juice                                        1 tsp

Oregano                                              1 tsp

Chilli Garlic powder                           1 tsp

Cream                                                  half cup

Mayonnais                                           1 cup

Mustard Paste                                     1 tsp

Directions to Cook

First of all, take a pan and add salt and water in it, stir it well and give it a boil. Add Macaroni in it and boil for 8 minutes untill it gets soft.

Now take another pot and add olive oil in it. Then add salt, black and white pepper, lemon juice, chilli garlic powder, dried oregano, mustard paste, cream and mayonnaise and mix well.

Then add green bell pepper, Red Pimento, Orange Pimento, carrots and cabbage in it. Mix them well.

Afterwards, add macaroni in it and stir well.

Your yummilicious Macaroni salad is ready to eat.

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