CTD Officials in Multan

Two alleged terrorists were gunned down by CTD Officials in Multan


Lahore: The counter-terrorism department (CTD) is always performing its services at its best. Recently, on Wednesday night, some CTD officials have gunned down two alleged terrorists in Multan.

The terrorists which were gunned down late Wednesday night were identified as Rizwan alias Doctor and Imran alias Saqi.

The names Rizwan and Imran are already in the Red Book of CTD which means they have been parts of other criminal cases as well. These cases include robbery and the killing of security guards.

According to the initial reports, during the gun battle between the CTD officials and the terrorists, two terrorists were killed down. Three of them have managed to escape as it was night and there was darkness all around.

CTD official also claimed that they have recovered weapons, maps and explosive materials from their possession.

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