Two more cases tested positive for coronavirus in Sindh


Hyderabad: According to the reports from the Sindh Health Authorities, two more cases of the coronavirus have emerged in Sindh.

The news is being confirmed by the provincial health department here on Tuesday. With these two patients tested positive for coronavirus, the total number of cases raised to 15 in Sindh.

One of the newly emerged coronavirus patients belonged to Hyderabad who is reported to come to Pakistan from Doha via Syria. While the second patient has emerged from Karachi.

The media coordinator to the Sindh health department has tweeted,

“#Sindh Health Department has 2 new cases of #CoronaVirusPakistan. The first case is from Hyderabad & the patient arrived from Syria via Doha. The second case is from Karachi & the patient arrived from Iran via Dubai. This brings the total number of cases to 15 in Sindh.”

It is worth noticing that slowly Pakistan is falling under the spell of the virus with nine more cases emerging from Karachi.

The provincial health department’s spokesperson has confirmed here on Monday that six of the new patients have arrived in Pakistan from Syria via Doha, Qatar.

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