UAE and Microsoft Collaborate on Environmental Initiative

Sharaf DG, a big electronics store in the UAE, marked the 52nd anniversary of the UAE by collecting 52 tons of old electronic stuff. They wanted to be kinder to the environment, so they did things like using e-receipts, better bags, and energy-saving lights, which helped them use 20% less energy.

To get more people to be eco-friendly, Sharaf DG started programs like giving rewards for buying certain appliances and letting people trade in their old stuff for new things, which is good for the environment. Over time, they collected 15,000 old laptops, phones, TVs, and other electronics.

Sharaf DG is proud of having the biggest collection of old electronic stuff, totaling 162 kilo tons. They worked with schools to collect a total of 13.2 tons of old electronics.

Microsoft also joined hands with Sharaf DG for a special campaign called CTRL + S. It’s all about trading in old devices to help the environment.

The CEO of Sharaf DG, Nilesh Khalkho, thinks it’s important to recycle old electronic stuff to make the planet healthier. He hopes everyone will contribute to improving the Earth.

Microsoft is actively combating climate change by aiming to reduce carbon usage by 2030 and removing more than they emit by 2050. This demonstrates Microsoft’s sincere commitment to environmental responsibility.

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