UBL Decided to Block Netflix Payments

UBL Decided to Block Netflix Payments


Many banking clients frequently pay their online orders by using their credit and debit cards. These payments apply to both Pakistani & International retailers and service providers.

However, recently customers of UBL (United Bank Limited) reported that they were unable to make payments to their Netflix account.

Many customers feared that UBL might block their Netflix payments, following in the steps of Meezan Bank which blocked payments to this video streaming platform.

However, this was denied by the customer representatives of UBL.

An official associated with customer support told Propakistani that its Netflix payment facility is currently unavailable because of certain security issues experienced at its side.

He added that its security team is working on the issue, although he did not reveal the approximate reconstruction time.

The decision of Meezan Bank, which is Shariah-compliant, to block payments towards its customers Netflix subscription caused an uproar on social media platforms.

After a user of Meezan Bank tweeted that his Netflix subscription payment was declined, the news spread like wildfire.

More and more clients joined, slamming the bank for taking such an absurd decision.

After the scandal, Meezan Bank said in an official statement that after the decision of the Shariah board, these payments were declined.

In accordance with the Shariah Compliance Guidelines and regulations of Pakistan’s State Bank, Meezan Bank was unable to provide any service or product which is not consistent with the principles of Shariah Compliance.

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