UN secretary general offers a mediation on Kashmir


Islamabad: According to International sources, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has offered mediation on Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India here on Sunday.

Sources revealed that the UN Secretary General has once again offered both countries to mediate on the Kashmir issue.

During a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at the Foreign Office, he said, “I have offered my good offices but this has to be accepted by both sides. Diplomacy and dialogue remain the only tools that guarantee peace and stability with solutions in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and resolutions of the Security Council.”

Moreover, he also shed light on the efforts made by the Pakistan Army to counter Terrorism in the country.

He stated, “I can testify and am convinced with the steps taken by Pakistan against the terror organizations”.

He also recalled the time when he has been in Islamabad and it was reported that the Tehreek-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had already occupied the Swat and are now heading towards Islamabad.

However, he cleared that now the situation in Islamabad is quite under control regarding these issues.

“But now Islamabad is a UN family station and the situation is much better and Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism are appreciable and remarkable, the whole world needs to acknowledge the country’s achievement.”

In response to such cordial sentiments and words by him, the foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that “We have expectations from the UN secretary general as he is the custodian of UN charter and for this responsibility we have some expectations from him.”

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