“Uncovering the Effect of Ramadan Promotions: Understanding Consumer Perceptions”

Do you ever wonder how ads during Ramadan affect people? When we think about Ramadan, it’s not just about fasting and praying. It’s a time for families and friends to come together, share meals, and help others. But how do advertisements fit into all of this?

During Ramadan, there’s a lot of excitement. People are busy with preparations, shopping for special foods, and getting ready for evening meals to break the fast. And along with all of this, there’s also a lot of advertising. Companies try to connect with people during Ramadan through ads on TV, social media, and everywhere else. But how do people feel about all these ads?

Well, it turns out, people have different feelings about Ramadan ads. Some ads make people feel good because they talk about important things like family, kindness, and helping others. These ads feel genuine and make people feel connected to the brand. But not all ads are like that. Some ads feel fake or like the company is just trying to sell things without really caring about Ramadan.

With the internet, things have changed too. Now, ads are everywhere online, and people can even interact with them. Companies use social media and work with influencers to reach more people. This means there are even more ads during Ramadan than before.

So,what does this all mean for businesses? First, it’s important for ads to feel real and relate to what Ramadan is all about. People like ads that celebrate family, kindness, and giving. Second, companies need to understand that people are different. Some people love the excitement of Ramadan, while others prefer quiet moments. So, ads should respect these differences.

In the end, Ramadan is a special time, and ads can be a part of that. When done right, ads can make people feel good and bring them closer together. So, let’s celebrate Ramadan and the positive impact ads can have on our lives.

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