United Nation Once Again Appealed India for Maximum Restraint Along LoC


India is once again trying to put pressure on Kashmiris. The UN Military Observer Group has great concern about the increased tension and aggression in the region. The group suggested both countries to settle the issue with discussion.

We should note that India has been escaping from dialogue as well and even 3rd party intervention is discouraged strongly by India. Recently the prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan’s visit to the USA is another latest example when Donal Trump told media about playing their role in Kashmir issue. However, as usual, India does not want any other country except Pakistan in the matter of disputed area of Kashmir region.

Why India Does Not Allow 3rd Party in Kashmir Issue?

The logic is very clear, India knows the Kashmiris are against the Indian army and local government. There is a severe violation of human rights. Every day we see the dead bodies in the street of Kashmir.

The international journalists observed the crying faces and mentioned in the reports. India is also afraid of the shameful acts that are being done by security forces in Maqbooza Kashmir.


UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric’s statement:

The sad fact is UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, issued a statement where he insisted Pakistan and India at the same time to re-consider their behavior on this issue and follow the exercise of maximum restraint to avoid further estrangement.

Is Yasin Malik Martyred?

Yesterday, we saw many news about the death of freedom fighter, Yasin Malik. However, his wife Mishal Malik also confirmed that she had no news about her husband. Indian Army is pushing him towards “slow death process”. She also expressed her sorrow and risks for her husband’s life on twitter as you can see here,

Mahira Khan also condemned about “Kashmir bleeds” trend and here are her words

India Revoked special constitutional status of occupied Kashmir:

OIC also condemned regarding the new army addition and use of cluster ammunition in the disputed Kashmir. India also declared that Kashmir will now be part of Indian Union. There will be a separate assembly now. There will not be a constitutional status in the Indian region for occupied Kashmir. According to Article 370 now a person who is not in Occupied Kashmir cannot buy any property. Many other obstacles have been created in the last 48 hours.

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