United Nation Restored Islamabad’s Status

United Nation Restored Islamabad’s Status as ‘Family Station’ for the foreign staff


The International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) on Thursday announced that they are going to restore the status of Islamabad as safe place for their staff who are assigned any kind of official duty.

United Nation Restored Islamabad’s Status

A positive development we see in the month of June 2019 when United Nation declared Pakistan as safe country for the international staff. Now the families of foreign staff can stay and live in Islamabad as the condition of security is better than previous year.
Foreign affairs minister also welcomed the statement issued by ICSC chairperson, Larbi Djacta .


Media’s Responsibility:
Its responsibility of media as well to portray such positive developments so that we can attract other foreign countries and investors as well.

Maleeha Lodhi’s Response:
The permanent ambassador in US on behalf of Pakistan, Maleeha Lodhi, also responded on Qureshi’s tweet. According to her it was an important and pleasant letter that Pakistani officials got. Joint efforts were the most important part behind the development.


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