US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib speaks up against Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir


After Ilhan Omar, another US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has raised her voice for the people of Kashmir who are suffering in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

While speaking up against the Indian atrocities, she demanded an immediate left of curfew and the revival of life in the occupied region.

She stated that “India must afford due process to the thousands of people it has detained without charge, and ensure hospitals have the necessary access to life-saving medicine.”

She went on saying that “Multiple reports indicate that over 3,000 people have been indefinitely detained without charges by the Indian government under the Public Safety Act, including children, lawyers, doctors, religious leaders, and opposition political leaders.”

“I urge the Indian government to accept responsibility for the human rights violations being carried out in Jammu and Kashmir and hold the responsible parties accountable.”

She stressed over the fact that the Indian authorities have scrapped Article 370 which speaks up for the rights of the people of Kashmir. By scrapping Article 370, they have “put millions of people in danger, and seriously undermine democracy in India and Kashmir.”

“People should not to fear unjust detention, rape, or torture because of who they are and what they believe,” she added.

She also requested US President Donald Trump to review his mediation offer over this issue. She urges him to find a peaceful solution for the people of Kashmir.

It was earlier when Ilhan Omar has also raised her voice against Indian brutalities. She asked for an immediate lifting of curfew in the Kashmir.

Moreover, US senators including Todd Young, Chris Van Hollen, Ben Cardin, and Lindsay Graham has also issued a letter to Donald Trump urging him to find a solution for Pak-India controversies. They urged him to speak to Modi and ask him to end up lockdown in Kashmir.

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