US Congresswoman Urged That Communication in Occupied Kashmir Should Be Restored Immediately


On Tuesday, Ilhan Omar, US congresswoman requested the de-escalating of tension as well as an instant re-establishment of communication within the occupied section of Kashmir. The Indian government dictated the lockdown which entered its 4th week.

Omar tweeted a day afterwards a meeting took place between Donald Trump, US President and Narenda Modi, Indian Prime Minister, in France. According to Omar’s tweet, she requested: communication should be reinstated instantly; respect for democratic norms, human rights, religious freedom as well as the de-escalating of tensions within occupied Kashmir.

Omar also appealed for permitting the full documentation of what is occurring on the ground by international organizations.

However, President Trump, who previously offered, more than once, to act as a mediator to find a solution towards the crisis, had a meeting with Prime Minister Modi yesterday, whilst attending the G7-summit in France.

After the meeting Trump stated India & Pakistan should handle the crisis in occupied Kashmir themselves, but mentioned that he was available if they should need him.

President Trump told reporters, he discussed the Kashmiri issue with PM Modi, who has the crisis under control. Adding that India is speaking to Pakistan and that he is positive that the two countries will come up with something very good.

During last week, principal US Congress lawmakers, appealed to New Delhi to put an end to the occupation, whilst allowing the Kashmiri residents to speak.

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Chairman, congressman Adam Smith (House Armed Services Committee), called the Indian US ambassador and informed him, he was continuously monitoring the issue about the Indian government’s decision which revoked occupied Kashmir & Jammu’s special status.

Congressman Adam Smith told the Indian envoy, legal concerns exist regarding the continuing blackouts in communications, an increasing militarization in the area as well as the enforcing of curfews.

Smith, being a member of the democratic party, Washington state visited the region after 5 August and added that some of his electorate were from the occupied regions of Jammu & Kashmir.

Smith stated he observed an area under siege, whilst its citizens are isolated and prevented to communicate to the outside world.

Smith also reminded India of the fact that it should acknowledge the potential diverse impact of its decision on the Muslim population as well as other minority groups in the region, which is essential for the present as well as in the future.

Yvette Clarke, a congresswoman of New York stated her extreme concern, whilst she raised her voice retarding the Kashmir situation.

She added PM Modi do not have the right for what he is currently doing to the Kashmiri people. She stated they should raise their voices for justice, self-governance and no discriminating acts based upon religion and PM Narenda Modi should have a better understanding.

The tension in occupied Kashmir had risen since the government of India revoked the constitutional Article No. 370. This renounced the special status of the region at the beginning of August.

Furthermore, a stern lockdown as well as a blackout in communications were inflicted on the region by the Indian government, whilst India tried to  prevent local & international media houses to report about the issue.

However, regardless of these restrictions, massive protests have been reported in the occupied region’s major cities.

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