Uses and Misuses of Internet

Uses and Misuses of Internet


The internet is one of the easily available digital technologies in the world. The internet is a successful system of interconnected computer networks. The internet is called a ‘network of networks’ consisting of all the private, public, academic, business, and government networks. These networks are connected by a strong array of wireless and optical networking technologies.

In a broader context, the internet has everything you want to get information about. This article will address some of the uses of the internet, its psychological characteristics, and some of the misuse of the internet by teenagers.

Uses and Misuses of the Internet

In this article, we will be exploring how this new technology has changed the lives of the people and Uses and Misuses of Internet and its multidimensional assessment in order to enhance the overall knowledge and skills that one possesses.

So, let’s first discuss some of the utilities of the internet!

Uses of the Internet

  • It stores information regarding all the fields of life. Simply open google and search your desired information.
  • There are many websites including encyclopedias, Wikipedia, Britannica, and many others that have stored an ocean of knowledge in them regarding anything.
  • You can use the internet at any time anywhere. Your internet connection should be strong enough to cater to your needs.
  • You can connect with the entire world and know about global affairs and happenings.
  • In the modern world, the internet is very useful for college and university students as their subjects require a great amount of research work.
  • Students can avail past papers from the internet as well.
  • You can make a video call with your loved ones far from the places through the internet.
  • The internet stores data related to all the fields of life including fashion, politics, science, and many others.

Misuses of the Internet

  • Where the internet is very useful for the world it has some misuses as well. these misuses mainly come from teenagers or very young kids who have immature minds.
  • So what these misuses are, let us discuss in detail!
  • One of the major misuses of the internet is wasting the time of applications like Facebook, Instagram, or related items. People have been spending hours without realizing that they have lost so much of their time that they can utilize in useful purposes.
  • Teenagers who get addicted to using Facebook and other social media handles to find it very difficult to spare time for their studies.
  • There are no positive or constructive fields left for those who consecutively use the internet.
  • Teenagers including boys and girls seek sexual pleasure through the internet as well. internet is full of sexual material and even it can be easily accessed by the masses.
  • The lust for sexual activities becomes even stronger with the material available on the internet.
  • It has completely destroyed the moral values and innocence of the young boys and girls. They look more mature at their age.
  • Moreover, computer and several websites hiking are also very common these days that is only possible through a strong internet connection.
  • The trend of using a smartphone is very common in our modern society. These days, you will rarely get a chance to see someone not using any smartphone. People become so addicted to using smartphones that they do not realize
  • The extreme use of the internet causes severe health damage to individuals as well. they cannot eat well, cannot sleep well, and cannot concentrate on their activities.

So, if we want to keep our loved ones safe from this social evil then we must take actions against the excessive use of the internet. Parents should set up proxies or block the sites that are offering hateful comments or sexual material. We can only save our future generation by putting up the strict discipline when it comes to the use of the internet. Otherwise, there is no way left for us.

Uses and Misuses of Internet
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Uses and Misuses of Internet
In this article, we will be exploring how this new technology has changed the lives of the people and Uses and Misuses of Internet
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