5th child death in Karachi

Vaccine Shortage resulted in the death of a 5th child in Karachi


On Tuesday morning, an eight-year-old child was brought at the Indus Hospital, Karachi. The officials stated that the child died owing to the shortage of the anti-rabies vaccine (ARV) in Pakistan.

Sources revealed that the child was bitten by a rabid dog a few weeks back in Shikarpur, Sindh. He was taken to the private hospital where couldn’t get the vaccine.

However, the child was brought to the Indus Hospital in Karachi where he lost his battle for life. Head of infectious diseases at the Indus Hospital, Dr. Naseem Salahuddin stated,

“Eight-year -old Rizwan, son of Ramzan, was brought to the Indus Hospital Karachi after many public hospitals refused to admit the unfortunate child. He was suffering from rabies encephalitis and had developed the incurable disease due to the biting of a rabid dog a few weeks back in the Shikarpur town of Sindh as the anti-rabies vaccine is not available anywhere in the interior of Sindh.”

According to the Health officials, if the shortage of ARV should not be overpowered then the death rate could rise. It revealed that most of the patients who are taken to the hospital belonged to Sindh and Balochistan where Vaccine facilities are not available.

“I have approached the federal government to raise this issue of the ARV shortage in Pakistan and I have informed it that Pakistan is short of eight lakh doses of anti-rabies vaccine. This situation is in my knowledge and I urge the federal health authorities to immediately arrange the vaccine or there would be scores of more deaths due to this vaccine-preventable disease,” added Dr. Naseem Salahuddin.

Serious action should be taken against the shortage of vaccine to improve health issues in Pakistan. The population of stray dogs in cities should be reduced. In most of the cases, children are the victims of these dogs as they cannot protect themselves from them. It has become necessary to take action against it.

Pakistan is facing an extreme shortage of the ARV due to limited supply from India, stated Dr. Jamali. He further stated that they, however, have managed to get the vaccine for their hospital’s needs but what about those sectors who are suffering the shortage of ARV?

He said the results could be more disastrous f the right and immediate action should not be taken against it.

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