Veena Malik in favor of PM Imran Khan

Veena Malik speaks out in favor of PM Imran Khan


Karachi: Pakistan’s stunning actress Veena Malik has spoken up in the favor of Pakistan Premier Imran Khan after he has passed some condemnable remarks against Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto. He referred to him as ‘Sahiba’ (Miss) which indeed created a fuss on social media.

However, Veena Malik has supported Imran Khan’s statement. She took to Twitter saying “In fact…You have to go down to their level to make some people understand things…!!!”

She further added “Lowest is the level of opposition and Imran Khan knows what language they understand…Khan knows what he’s doing.”

In support, she has also narrated a story, a ‘true story’ based on her personal experience.

“Once I gave someone so much respect and with each passing day, he was becoming a monster! Then I understood someone corrupt to the core won’t understand how to make a respectful conversation. So I went down to his level to make him understand a thing…It worked.”

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