Veena Malik surprises Indians

Veena Malik surprises Indians after posting ‘Pakistan can Surprise India in space anytime’


The Pakistani beauty queen, Veena Malik has posted on her twitter account something spicy that has enraged the Indians and they started commenting on her views.
In a Twitter spat with an Indian national, Ram Subramanian, Veena Malik stated, “Some are destroying this planet and choosing space to explore and others are Busy making it worth living! We are busy making it a beautiful and peaceful place…!!!”
She went on to say that “But We can SURPRISE anytime!”

Earlier, Subramanian has tweeted after tagging Veena Malik that “There are no Pakistanis in space. I might complain every day about many things in India but we have actively pushed for a space programme.”
This online debate initiated a day after Indian Premier Narendra Modi on Wednesday claimed that India has shot down a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite.
He further declared that India has become a “space superpower” with the successful testing of an anti-satellite weapon in the last ditch effort ahead of a crucial vote scheduled next month.

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