Voice Assistants Are Getting More Popular and Better Day By Day


We can easily remember the evolution of cell phones and home gadgets in the past two decades and amazingly it surprises us how everything is changed now. We are now so dependent on these devices that we can imagine that we won’t be able to do anything without its existence. Initially, we used these phones as an alternative to the landline phones to stay in contact along with the benefit of carrying it wherever we want to. Then the concept of smartphones came up like a wonder and occupied our lives like a necessity. From calculator to notes everything is just a tap away and we are getting more used to it by every coming day.

In today’s smartphone, the voice assistant is a feature making our life easier by making it possible to do everything by just saying a couple of words. In the initial models, the idea was introduced in the form of voice commands which wasn’t very much successful as the firmware and hardware was not up to the mark and kept us annoyed most of the time by not recognizing our voices or words. But a few years back Apple came up with the idea of SIRI which was very well designed and also got continuous upgrades with time making it more practical for everyone. SIRI acted as a trendsetter and to cope up with the trend Amazon launched Alexa and Google launched Google Assistant.

The performance of the current voice assistants is almost flawless and helpful while doing anything on your smartphone. These voice assistants are not limited to the smartphones but are now playing an import role in the form of a tabletop device to do everything according to our voice commands. Some of us won’t believe but, indeed, Google Assistant can now book a doctor’s appointment for you on its own without your involvement. This amazing technology is not fully operational but giving us hopes that it will be independent enough to do impossible things as per our instructions very soon.

According to the latest statistics, the use of these devices has reached a record number which is beyond our expectations and will keep on increasing in the coming future. If you doubt that this assistant is boring then you are wrong as you can have a sensible conversation with it and upon asking it will give you all the required information using internet or any other concerned sources. Sometimes we fear that whether these devices are reliable or not as in our life we can’t afford a blunder and we mostly try to avoid the use of such methods to prevent any embarrassment publically or personally. But still, the facts are saying that the voice assistants are not coming slowly to be an essential part of our lives in the coming future.

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