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Virtual University Learning and Management System is very important for all VU students. To pass the exams and meet the requirements of the university the students are required to keep the login information with themselves. Basically it is a learning and management system as the name shows, to learn and manage. Students get learning drills through VULMS and teachers or management can keep the record of results.

How to track the quiz results? How to upload and check the latest lectures by teacher? How to attend the video lectures in LMS? How to attempt the VU Quiz online are the topics which we are going to discuss in today’s article? Through this software application educational courses are documented and delivered in an easy as well as successful way.

The first Learning System in Education History:

Basically this concept is derived from e-learning. And the first LMS system was came into existence in 1990s. And it was a time when majority of people were not aware of the online education system. Online degree programs are very popular nowadays. The thing is we must confirm the institute must be a proper verified institute. It should have authority to issue a degree. Like in Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) verifies the legal status of colleges and universities.

The main purpose of LMS System:

As you know the distance learning system has become the need of time. Some people are really unable to attend the classes. It is not because they are lazy it is because they have no option to travel or find time for it. So, they choose to get degree online and through a special software application they complete the course. That’s how LMS system come on front.

How VULMS Work?

Students are able to view the videos as well as lectures in soft copies. They can have access to the recorded lectures of their tutors. If some student finds difficulty or any confusion in some lecture, then he or she can add the query. The teacher then checks and responds accordingly. Although the overall `class atmosphere is not like a traditional but online education system opens up many ways for extensive learning.

Research on topics, research for given assignments, research for unexplained topics, research to get more details about the subject and research for latest concepts on the under-mentioned topics improves the quality of education.

This is all possible if someone is using the power of internet and distance learning. Virtual university has hired many capable teachers and they are providing quality education for their students. They have aim to equip the students with latest and advanced study formula.

Virtual University of Pakistan is a university which is based in Lahore and its head office is at MA Jinnah Campus near Defence Road. This university if equipped with modern communication and information Technological setup. It is a public sector university which lets the students to complete their bachelor, master or high level degree programs white studying at home. The government of Pakistan tool this initiative first time to introduce distance learning education system in Pakistan.

This university is quite famous due to its online lecture systems and many lecture videos are broadcasted on the virtual university Official TV as well. No matter where the student is living, this university provides equal opportunity for higher education all across the Pakistan.

Graduation programs through VULMS:

Some graduation programs which are offered online by VU and students get them with the help of VULMS are as follows:

  • Economics
  • Business administration
  • Information technology
  • Computer sciences

It is officially recognized distance learning university by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It means your degree will be accepted not only in Pakistan but it will also have worth if you are going to apply for foreign educational programs. Many individuals who go abroad for jobs they need a verified degree to present their employers. So, a fully recognized degree is in their hands if they complete their courses successfully.

How to get good marks in VULMS Quiz

So, if anyone is doing some job or work then he or she is still able to get admission through this university and the study mode will be VULMS all lectures will be uploaded there. Students listen them and then after completing few chapters there is an announcement of quiz session. The VULMS Quiz is mandatory for all students. Because the marks obtained in this quiz program are calculated for their final results.

So, it is important to get good marks in the quiz assignments. At least you are given some time to prepare for the assignment. It is not conducted on daily but it could be on weekly or monthly basis. If some student remains unable to watch the lectures in 2 consecutive days, then on the 3rd day it can be played.

But the main thing is if you don’t watch the lecture for many days and then you need to ask some question about it in VULMS then there is one bad news for you. If you don’t put question within the giving time frame, then the option to ask question will be disabled from your panel. And being a student it can be annoying thing for you.

VULMS Panel:

In vulms panel you will see the different options like

  1. Notice board
  2. VU important contacts (in case you need to look for technical issues)
  3. Important Notifications (issued by vulms management for students)
  4. Student hand book (a must have document to know the rules and regulations)

Overall the whole system enables the students to get familiar with the latest information technology. The E-rozgar step is also connected with it because the persons who need skills for their livelihood can start earning right from their homes. Rather it gives free of cost training from experienced tutors. The mentors have proved how does a newbie can earn while working at home? So, VULMS promotes the critical analytical thinking among students. They can know what is in trend because they remain in contact with world and technology. Pakistan needs IT experts for the growth of economy and educational reforms at same time.

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