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Wajih’s character is finally unveiled in Cheekh


Cheekh which is one of the intriguing dramas with a rapturous plot and a flicking story has cast a spell upon the audience.

The recent episode of the drama serial Cheekh has made the audience wondrous over the anti-hero Wajih. They are surprised to know that Wajih, whom they considered the hero of the show has proved to be the villain. The creepy unveiling of Wajih has shocked the audience.

drama serial cheekh

The drama leaves you in a situation where you probably found no way except getting curious and curious about the next happening. It’s a drama that certainly gives you eye-opening and mesmerizing scenes. from the very first episode of the drama, the audience is agog to figure out Nayab’s murderer.

However, the recently updated episode has finally unveiled the real culprit who is none other than Wajih, whom Nayab loved. He has confessed his crime by stating that he tried to molest Nayab but she refused. That ‘refusal’ has made him furious and enrages him to commit such an excruciating act.

He explained to Mannat that he was so obsessed with the fact that Nayab has said ‘No’ to him when he tried to be close to her while there was no such girl who could say ‘no’ to him. But Nayyab did and hence she suffers for this.

Cheekh portrays

Cheekh portrays the picture of the society where male dominance and the patriarchal system still exists. Where it is very difficult for women to seek their rights.

Depicting the clear picture of a narcissist, Wajih finally admitted that he pushed Nayyab over the roof because she first resisted him, then spat at him and finally pushed him away by insulting him.

He is further worn Mannat not to disclose his real personality under the guise of a gentleman.cheekh banner


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