Wardha Saleem Luxury Embroidered

Wardha Saleem Luxury Embroidered Eid Dresses 2019


Wardha Saleem has been known as one of the finest and remarkable fashion designers in Pakistan. The name has been remembered for its brilliance, class, and elegance.

Embroidered Attires

Wardha Saleem has earned a great name in the world of embroidered attires. The brand has been displaying off a lot of embroidery collections which actually lure its customers. Usually while thinking of embroidered stuff, we feel a bit unfordable wearing them but we can’t resist wearing these outfits on some festive occasions. After shopping Wardha Saleem, you don’t need to worry about the fabric or quality of the stuff.

Festive Collection 2019

Wardha Saleem is a name which is famous for producing festive wear. Here’s another collection which can be titled as “Luxe Edition” or “Rideaux D’Amour” or “Mirielle”. The dresses which have been tagged in this collection mark not only the grace and glory of the outfit but the class and elegance of the wearer as well.

Some classical display of the intricate embroideries, beautiful hues, and trendy styles will take your heart away.

Keeping in mind, the growing interest of ladies in fashion, the recent collection fulfills all their desires. Women are always eager to see themselves as the best and perfect one among the rest on different occasions. This new collection by Wardha Saleem best fits for this Eid-ul-Azha.

Though the brand is quite expensive the quality, stitching, and grace will compensate your money for this. The dresses which have been included in this collection usually ranges from 19, 800 to 60,000.

These new dresses will appeal all your senses and give a sudden glamour to your personality. The collections marks dresses with all varieties carrying modern, traditional and western touch at the same.

So, hurry up to shop these chic and fantastic ensembles.

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