Wasim Akram Stands Up For Babar Azam Despite Constant Criticism

Swing Sultan After receiving a barrage of criticism and harassment from internet trolls, Wasim Akram stands behind Babar Azam.

Fans still want to see a new skipper despite Babar Azam’s excellent stats, wonderful performances, and role in guiding the national team to the finals.


Fans claim that Babar is the most self-centered athlete ever and just plays for records. They advised PCB to change the captain there.

Wasim Akram publicly supported Babar Azam and articulated his opinion in a recent internet post.

He thinks we should stand with the captain. Despite his still-limited experience, Babar Azam will benefit the team more if you encourage him rather than remove him.

Wasim Akram sat down for an interview in Dubai, Wasim said, “Babar Azam’s captaincy is under criticism these days; in this difficult time, a strong hand of support came on his shoulder

Stop making fun of yourself; we have no need for an adversary; we are self-sufficient; if Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, or Mike Brierley were sitting next to you, you would realise Babar Azam has a 2-3 year chance. He’ll show that he’s the best captain.

He even clarified why the PCB should think about Pakistan’s most accomplished former coaches rather than hiring foreign coaches.

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