Shaniera Akram responded to being labeled as “Wasim Akram’s Wife”


During the recent 6th Literature Festival held in Islamabad, a panel which consists of Ali Aftab Saeed, George Fulton, Fasi Zaka and the host Nadeem Farooq Paracha has indulge into a discussion.

However, during the discussion, Nadeem Farooq Paracha has commented about Shaniera as “Wasim Akram’s wife”. He was talking to George and asked about his upcoming web show alongside Shaniera Akram. Instead of saying Shaniera, he referred to her as “Wasim Akram’s wife”. The moment he uttered this, a girl from the audience shouted as “She has a name”.

At the very moment, she corrected him saying that ‘she has a name’. The hall echoed with cheers and applaud. After this George himself reminded Paracha about Shaniera’s name.

The video went viral on social media. People started appreciating the unknown girl who has schooled Paracha. On the other hand, Shaniera Akram also thanked the unknown girl.

She tweeted in these words, “Who is this amazing woman? I just love you #SheHasAName You go girl!”

However, one of the users claimed that she is not a celerity or superstar to be remembered.

Shaniera also responded to him in quite an effective manner. She declared that “If you are talking about someone on stage at a literacy festival, you should at least given them the dignity of a name. And I am not a celebrity but I have earned my name, thank you very much.”

During all this, Paracha cleared the air saying that he actually forgets her name, “I actually forgot her name, and then wasn’t sure what it was. I thought it would be silly if I pronounced it wrong.”

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