Wasim says our batters prioritize milestones and ICC rankings.

Mohammad Wasim, former chief selector of Pakistan, has expressed worry about the main batters focusing more on personal milestones and ICC rankings than the team’s triumph.

Wasim has claimed that in the past five years, the national team’s primary batters have prioritized individual goals over team success, leading to their team’s loss in games.
Wasim pointed out that over the last five years, Pakistan’s main batters have been more concerned with achieving individual milestones, such as scoring 40-50 or 90-100 runs, rather than focusing on team success, resulting in lost matches. He also cited an instance where the main batters scored multiple centuries in a single game but ended up losing the ODI series, emphasizing the need for a team-oriented approach.

Wasim also mentioned that Pakistan’s batters showcased their ability to adjust to varying conditions by increasing their strike rates from 70 to 100, leading to a hard-earned triumph.

Wasim emphasized the importance of adapting to changing circumstances in cricket and cited Pakistan’s batters’ ability to increase their strike rates from 70 to 100 in a recent ODI series against Australia, leading to a hard-fought win.

Looking ahead to the upcoming series, Wasim expressed uncertainty regarding whether Pakistan’s batters would maintain their recent technique. He also asserted that as long as the ICC rankings remain a factor in the sport, it will be challenging to find a satisfactory solution.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 26 April, 2023.

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