Watch the Video: British Army Band Performs Stunning Version of Pakistani Hit Song ‘Pasoori.’

The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) band, the oldest regiment in the British Army, recently showcased the universal language of music with a captivating rendition of the 2022 Coke Studio hit, ‘Pasoori’ by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill during their visit to Pakistan. Shared by the British High Commission, this cross-cultural musical exchange not only swiftly gained recognition but also demonstrated the influential role of music in cultivating international relations.

Ali Sethi, the original artist of ‘Pasoori,’ expressed appreciation for the HAC band’s instrumental interpretation on social media, highlighting the song’s inclusive message. The track itself achieved remarkable success in 2022, becoming the most-streamed Pakistani song on Spotify. Shae Gill, another contributor to the song, praised its reception and acknowledged its ability to resonate with diverse audiences globally.

The collaboration between the HAC band and the Pakistani music scene serves as a shining example of cultural diplomacy, showcasing how music can bridge gaps and promote understanding across borders. The global triumph of ‘Pasoori’ underscores the remarkable impact of Pakistani music in instilling pride and building connections on an international scale.

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