We can Initiate the War but We Need Permanent Solution of Kashmir


We will not initiate the war. The issue of Kashmir can only be resolved with dialogue and table talk. People who are talking about the war or fight maybe they are not well aware of the history. If two atomic powers start the war, then we cannot expect the existence of both of the countries.

There will be no sign of life on the land where atomic bombs are used. The Prime Minister also told that if we start the war and try to destroy India then we do not know how many new issues will wait for us.

There is curfew for the last in Kashmir for the last 6 weeks and almost 8 million people are house arrested. They cannot come out of their homes. This is very bad situation.

Indeed, it is very ridiculous too. No one in our country Pakistan, is able to bear this problem. Prime Minister Imran Khan also told, this is an act of brutality.

Modi’s Stupid Terms & Conditions:

This matter is not about the Pakistan only. It is a cruel act which is disgusting scenario. It is a great humiliation for the humanity and we must condemn it, Imran Khan said. While talking to the media, he also told, “we have tried our best to make the relationships productive but in response to our efforts Narendra Modi started screaming for stupid terms and conditions. I also insist that Pak India clash can be dangerous for all the countries of the world.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan announced big Kashmir rally

The continuity in Kashmir struggle by PM Imran Kahn showed the dedicated towards Kashmir’s freedom movement. Khan already has announced himself as an ambassador of Kashmir.


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