not collected as much money

We have not collected as much money in past as we are collecting now: PM Imran Khan


Prime minister Imran khan is very hopeful that the nation will come out of this dangerous economic dilemma. He seemed in good mood while talking to media person in PTV show.

He claimed the government is collecting funds or money in the forms of tax from people. We have collected so much amount that was impossible task for the previous countries. Although, the dollar flight keeps moving high and high but he is still confident over his policies.

Is my Tax for Country’s prosperity only?

But the issue is, how cooperative his team will be for the implementation of amnesty scheme? Can the general public trust and declare the assets easily to the government? Who is responsible about the tax amount collected from taxpayers? Should we believe that each penny will be spent on the public?

Your future can be affected with Khan’s Policies:

These were the questions, which are being addressed in this video show. Watch it and see how your future is going to be affected with Khan’s policies.

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