‘We The Future’: a campaign launched to inspire Pakistani adolescents


Islamabad: On Wednesday, The Ministry of Human Rights in collaboration with UNICEF has launched a campaign entitled “We the Future”.

This campaign shed light on the achievements and struggles of outstanding Pakistani adolescents. It pays tribute to their hard work, dreams, struggles, and achievements.

These achievements leave an ever-lasting impact on the coming generation. People will seek inspiration from these legends.

Dr. Shireen M Mazari, the Minister for Human Rights stated that,

“The Ministry of Human Rights, in line with the PTI Government’s policy is committed and focused on alleviating the problems confronting children of Pakistan today.”

She declared that “the Ministry will further the rights of children as laid down in our Constitution and will work to stop all manner of child abuse including child labor”. 

The UNICEF Representative, Ms. Aida Girma stated that “the campaign will be instrumental in increasing the capacity and confidence of adolescents and will encourage them to creatively express themselves in the public domain.”

‘We the Future’ is basically aiming to raise awareness among the masses. This could be beneficial for the adolescents of our country. They can take guidance and motivation from these role models.

It will also help adolescents to play their part in society. They will be capable of contributing positivity into the society and hence making the land a prosperous one.

“At a time like this, stories of young people who have overcome all odds to further their talents are very inspirational because these young people are role models for future generations and send a positive message to the youth of today that they can do whatever they want,” she further added.

“The future of Pakistan is our youth realizing their potential. Human Rights Ministry is committed to ensuring youth are given their rights so they can pursue their dreams”.

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