We want to be part of CPEC

We want to be part of CPEC & Committed for better relations with Pakistan: Afghan President


Afghan president Ashraf Ghani said, “I am a big fan of Allama Mohammad Iqbal. And I expressed my wish to visit Iqbal’s tomb at Lahore. The tiles which are fixed at the shrine of Iqbal were also sent from Afghanistan as gift. Allama Iqbal suggested Afghan King to open up a university at Kabul.’’

As per the statement of Afghan President we can say, may be the top management wants good relations with Pakistan. Now the thinking of Pak Officials is also being changed positively.

We have to forget the past:

We don’t need to discuss the matters of past. We need to look forward to have common goals for the prosperity of people, he added. Afghan government has no risk or threat from Taliban in crashing the system. We are also looking into the policies which are harmful for this region.

Afghanistan is heart of Asia and if it has any issue then peace of Asia will be disturbed. We need continuous efforts to make a strong bond in economic deals.

Imran Khan also wants to eradicate poverty:

He also said, that PM Imran Khan looks very serious to eradicate poverty level. And Afghan government supports his vision. We have decided to keep the Torkham border open for 24 hours

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