We want to Topple Government and Not the Democracy

We want to Topple Government and Not the Democracy: Asif Ali Zardari


Talking to the media persons Mr. Zardari who is ex-president and co-chairman said the party has no intention to de-rail the government although the situation is very bad for the people.

APC was very successful:

He claimed that APC has been successful and soon joint committee will devise a strategy that will bring good news for the nation. He seemed very angry at the government’s policies. How much pain he has for his people and especially people of interior Sindh, its very clear for every sensible person.

In our country Pakistan every party claims to bring prosperity within months but after getting the control everything gets changed. Excuses and logics start coming from government desks.

We Are Not Worried About Balochistan National Party-Mengal

While answering to an important question regarding Balochistan National Party-Mengal, he said we have note invited Akhtar Mengal to give us vote and we are not worried that he supports the PTI/ government.

He also explained the matter of senate chairman. The chairman can be removed obviously, but within the constitution there is space to do so. If the required votes are placed in upper house then Sadiq Sanjarani can be removed.

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