‘We will go with the Kashmiris till our last breath’ PM Imran Khan


Islamabad: On Monday evening, Prime Minister Imran Khan has addressed the nation regarding Kashmir issue. He mentioned that Pakistan will continue fighting for Kashmir even other countries would support or not.

He pointed out some Muslim countries which are not supporting Pakistan as they have some business ties with India. However, he has assured the nation that they would soon start supporting Pakistan.

“The major world powers have a responsibility to help the oppressed Kashmiris, but even if they do not do, we will go with the Kashmiris till our last breath.”

“Modi has made a huge blunder in arrogance and it has provided a historic moment for Kashmiris to realize their decades-long dream of achieving freedom from India,” he further added.

According to him, the Kashmir issue should be discussed universally and United Nation should consider that matter under serious discussion. He urged upon the need for freedom of the Kashmiri people. Kashmiri people should themselves decide how and where they wanted to live.

War is not the solution. It will result in the destruction of both countries. We already know that both Pakistan and India are two nuclear powers and if there are chances of war then they could bring a more dreadful vision than this.

“The responsibility today lies in the international community. Pakistan would go to any length at every forum to press the issue. He said the eyes of more than a billion Muslims are set on the UN to take steps in resolution of Kashmir dispute.”

Imran Khan further mentioned that they have taken the Kashmir issue at the International forum.

“We have talked to important heads of state, their emissaries, international media and the international organizations to appraise the world of the gravity of the situation in IHK.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned that he would personally meet with the world’s leaders.

“I will tour the world and tell them what is happening since the Modi government is pursuing a policy which brought havoc globally in the past. They have a fascist ideology; they have been sidelined by India’s past government as a terrorist organization. They were the ones who assassinated (Mahatma) Gandhi for trying to promote Hindu-Muslim unity,” he declared.

Earlier, Imran Khan also offered peaceful talks with India. He asserted that if India would take one step for peace they would take four steps. However, Indian authorities have rejected a peaceful dialogue discussion with Pakistan.

“As it was election time in India, we thought it was perhaps due to election compulsions. Then came Pulwama incident which was perpetrated by a Kashmiri youth out of frustration of Indian cruelties. However, India pointed finger towards Pakistan without properly investigating the incident.”

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